About Stronger Fighter Supplements

Our Mission

Stronger Fighter was founded by three compatriots and MMA training partners .  After years of training together we were sick and tired of not getting exactly what we needed from our supplements.

Stronger Fighter is your one stop shop for all things MMA, Wrestling and Jiu Jitsu. We offer everything needed from technique, training, nutrition and gear.

We kept noticing more and more supplement companies were cutting corners and adding in low grade ingredients or packing things with sodium and concentrated protein.  So just like a true Ameri-CAN we took a stand and created supplements that are of the highest grade.  

We are a Supplement company that doesn’t cut corners and only produces the highest grade supplements.  All of our supplements are MADE IN THE USA!

Our founders are all military veterans or first responders. We live our lives to make a difference for others instead of ourselves and in order to do that we need to fuel our bodies with the highest grade of nutrition possible.

We believe in the little things.  We stand for the Anthem for those who can’t.  We fight with our fists, not our keyboards.  We run miles, not our mouths.  We make greatness, not excuses.  That’s why you see the Red, White and Blue on all of our products.